• Seth Martin

    Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition

    We have some very special news today!  Seth has been hard at work designing a custom Martin D-35 guitar and today we are ready to share it with you all!  Seth has played his Martin D-35 at hundreds of concerts, on three solo records, and on 10 Avett Brothers albums.  Seth combined the classic Martin D-35 design with some unique modifications and a couple personal custom touches – including snowflake position markers and an interior label personally signed by Seth – to create his version of the perfect guitar.

    “I’ve always seen a Martin Deadnought as the quintessential acoustic guitar; the blue-collar guitar, understated and solid in the hands of Jim Croce or Doc Watson or Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.  I’ve always leaned toward the warmth and strength of the D-35.  I got my first one, a 1977 model, about twelve years ago, and I’ve been wearing them out and refretting them and wearing them out again ever since.  This instrument is a true collaboration between me and the Martin Guitar Company.  I can’t wait to find out what songs are waiting in this guitar, for me and anyone who decides to buy one.”  -Seth Avett

    Please click here for more information on the new Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition.

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