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    Poster/Tattoo For Charity

    Atlanta poster

    If you’re headed to one of our shows at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, GA this week, we’ll be offering something special from our friend David Hale of Love Hawk Tattoo Studio:

    “I love the Avett Brothers, their music, and the meaning that motivates it. It inspires me to create, to share what I find meaningful, provocative, and hopeful. I wanted to make a special series of posters for the shows in my home state of Georgia because I felt compelled to share my love and help others. When Melanie, Bob Crawford’s wife, asked me to do a tattoo in honor of their beautiful daughter, Hallie, it got me inspired! As many of you know, Hallie was diagnosed with a brain tumor and receives her treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every month, I give back to a different charity with my tattooing and it was obvious that I needed to give back to St. Jude. Then, it clicked: why not do tattoo designs based on the Avett Brothers music? There are so many songs that would make great tattoos and these could, in turn, be made into posters and tattooed the following month to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So there you have it – I combined a few of my favorite things: posters, tattoos, music, and charity, and it seems that they all look pretty great together! I hope you enjoy the work, and find ways to give back and be inspired in your life.

    If you’re interested in getting one of my Avett Brothers designs tattooed in August, please join my newsletter to get all the info.

    …and remember, we are all in this together.”

    -David Hale / Love Hawk Studio

    2 Responses to Poster/Tattoo For Charity

    1. Alli Alligood

      This really caught me — it’ such a lovely way to think about, and operate in the world. I love that impulse and action. Thank you David Hale, and the Avett Brothers of course, as always, for the work you do and the inspiration you incite.

    2. Melina Brown

      will any of these be offered online? Id love to get the two prints.

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