“The Clearness is Gone” on Live & Breathing!

Check out a live video of us performing “The Clearness is Gone” from Live & Breathing below! Link to full entry here.

4 Responses to “The Clearness is Gone” on Live & Breathing!

  1. Ric

    Pure class guys, when will Y’all be back in England ?
    We have a great new venue in Leeds ,West Yorkshire, The First Direct Arena,
    Love & Best Wishes


    • Beverly Mavus

      I’ve been in love with the Avetts and their music for a couple of months now. This hauntingly beautiful song shows the extent of their musical talents – writing, instrumental, harmonizing, etc. I’m constantly discovering new videos of them – both in studio like this and at concerts – with a totally different vibe.

  2. Graham Strom

    Im from charlotte, but i recenly moved to las cruces, nm the music scene is desolate here. yall need to come and give a good ole carolina visit

  3. Margarita Martin

    Simply beautiful – God bless and thank you for sharing your gifts.

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