• RR poster

    Red Rocks: Limited Edition Poster By Seth Avett

    RR poster

    Seth Avett has created a poster for our upcoming 3 night stay at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado! The posters are a limited edition of 1,000 prints and will be available for $50 at the merchandise tables, while supplies last. Each poster will be numbered and signed by the artist.

    11 Responses to Red Rocks: Limited Edition Poster By Seth Avett

    1. Brandt Beaver

      Me and some friends are driving from Oklahoma to watch y’all jam out. Looking forward to it bigtime! See you guys in a few days.

      • Connie Samuelson

        We just saw the Deadwood show! Really wanted to do Red Rocks but SD is so much closer to MT. We did catch shows in Fargo & Missoula in 2013. Great poster by Seth for CO, I would love one if you have extras! 😉 BTW I am a nearly 60 year-old lady and still I relate so much to your music it has literally changed my life as I now have my ” best of Avett” playlist that I workout to and I feel stronger every day and only 30 lbs to get under 200! :). Thx for being you!!

    2. Evan

      See you on Friday night. My wife and I are making the trip from Milwaukee.

    3. Leana

      I saw you at Firefly last June and then again in Brooklyn, NY. I’m thrilled to be seeing you all at my first ever Red Rocks concert.

    4. Leslie G.

      My husband and I traveled from Arkansas saw to see the Friday night show at Red Rocks and it was AMAZING! Bought the poster and can’t wait to have it framed and on the wall! What an awesome piece to remember the trip by! Thank you!!

    5. Alison Luppold

      The Shows were amazing!! I loved all three of them for different reasons but Saturday night was my favorite. Not only did it rain which was great but it was really special when y’all had your sister and father out on the stage to sing with you. It was amazing!! The poster is cool because Mr. Avett designed it but I was hoping for more of an art piece like y’all have had in the past. But the rabbit and bear t-shirts were great so we got those instead.

    6. angie chapman

      I was there July 11 and 12…Seen you in St.Louis and Bonner Springs this year also…”Thank You!!!” I am not the only fan that follows you as I found out at Red Rocks, there is a brotherhood of Avett followers out there that travel great distances to experience your live shows… which are for lack of better word “Folk-N-Awesome!!!” You help me unwind everyday, put to song my every emotion.. and I am frightened by those who don’t know you. Oh, and those special live experiences… WOW! There is so much I would like to express in this small space… just know you make each of my days an Avett Day!!! Love you guys…keep it coming.

    7. kjs

      i’ve love to buy one. are there any left?

    8. Dan

      Does anybody know where to get frames for these posters that don’t cost over $300

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