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    Welcome To Our New Website!

    Welcome_new site

    Welcome to the new site! We hope you’ll find it enjoyable and easy to navigate with tour information, videos, albums, message boards, and any Avett-relevant news at your fingertips. We’ll be doing some adding and tweaking in the coming days, so please bear with us as we work to make the site the best it can be for you. Thank you kindly and enjoy!

    7 Responses to Welcome To Our New Website!

    1. Jenny Sturch

      Can’t wait to see you guys in Little Rock on November the 8th!!! Love the new site! Thank you for all the amazing music you make that speaks to my soul………<3

    2. Darryl Price

      My wife and I are big fans. The new album is the best album of the year, and that includes a lot of really big acts like Pearl Jam and Paul MCcARTNEY! We own a literary magazine, the Olentangy Review, and would like to invite Scott to send us his artwork–we’d love to share it with a whole new audience. Thanks for the great, unbelievably great, music.

    3. Mrs Glenn Graham

      Saw u all play at the . Blue festival in Byron Bay.
      so much talent. Absolutely loved u guys.
      Favourite song. ” Shame “.
      What a great song.
      Hope u come back to Australia soon…..

    4. Elizabeth

      The new look is awesome. The colors are fabulous. I visit this site at least 2-3 times a week to play the discography while I work. It is my soundtrack to get through the workday and my inspiration while I paint in my downtime. Thank you so much for allowing us to be able to do that. :-) Love the band. Love the music. <3 xo

    5. joy hall

      The Avett Brothers are the best. Wish i could see you in Lexington, ky but fixed income won”t permit, but I can still enjoy You all on internet and tv. Thanks so much for giving us songs my children and grandchildren can listen too. My favorite band of all.

    6. Tammy

      Love your music! Look forward to seeing you soon!

    7. Cathy Garza

      I was recently introduced to your music & I am
      enthralled with it. Can’t stop listening & I will own all of your CD’s before long. Any chance you will be making ONE MORE NIGHT available on iTunes? There are several of your uTube videos that I wish were available on iTunes.
      I absolutely love your acoustic sound & your lyrics. Thank you for reminding me why I love music so much! I’d love to see you perform live one day, if you ever make it to central or Northern California.

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