Event FAQ


Will The Avett Brothers be performing in-person?
Yes! Scott, Seth, Bob, and Joe will be performing live in-person at the Speedway. The show will also be broadcast on the Speedway's 16,000 square-foot television screen, one of the largest screens in the world.

How many tickets can I buy? How many people can I bring in my car?
There is a ticket purchase limit of 1 ticket per transaction. 1 ticket is required per car and permits entry for up to 6 total people per car. Please do not show up with more than 6 people in your car as you will not be allowed into the venue.

How much are tickets? What sort of view will I have?
There will be 5 Lots total. Lot 1 is the only one with Reserved parking. All other Lots (2-5) are General Admission, which means that cars will be parked on a first come, first served basis and you will not be able to choose your spot.

- Lot 1 (front row, Reserved) - $300. Front row with clear, unobstructed view of the stage and screen. You will park on the race track around the stage with no other cars between you and the stage.

- Lot 1 (side view, Reserved) - $250. Side stage with clear view of stage and screen. You will park on the race track to the side of the stage, angled so that the stage and screen can be seen clearly out of the front of your car.

- Lot 2 (GA) - $200. This is the closest of the GA lots. You will park in front of the screen and will have a clear view of both the stage and screen.

- Lot 3 (GA) - $150. Clear view of the screen. Cars will park at an angle so they are facing the screen. Most of Lot 3 will be able to see the stage, but from further away, and the concert will mostly be enjoyed by watching the screen.

- Lot 4 (GA) - $125. Limited view of the stage; clear view of the screen. Cars will be parked further away than Lot 3 but still angled toward the screen. There will be limited view of the stage, mostly due to distance, but you can still enjoy the show with a clear view of the screen.

- Lot 5 (GA) - $125. Limited or completely obstructed view of the stage; clear view of the screen. You will park so that your car is angled toward the screen but your view of the stage may be limited or completely obstructed. You will still be able to enjoy the show with a clear view of the screen.




Why does this show have a lottery for tickets?
We strive to make every ticket buying experience as fair and easy as possible. After the last drive-in show, we received many requests for a ticket lottery and have decided to do just that. The lottery will give everyone an equal chance to get tickets. Winners will be chosen randomly and emailed information on how to buy tickets.

How will lottery entrants be chosen randomly?
Once the lottery is closed, all entrants will be randomized using a third party number generating system. Prior to randomization, any duplicate entries will be removed.

How long do I have to enter the lottery?
You have until 11am ET on Thursday, October 8 to enter the lottery.

When will I find out if I’ve won the lottery?
Whether you win the lottery or not, everyone who enters will receive an email with their results by October 8 at 8pm ET.

If I’m an Avett Guild member, can I register for both the Avett Guild lottery and the general public lottery?
No. We love our Avett Guild members, but in order to give all fans an equal chance at getting tickets, you can only enter one lottery.

What is the ticket transfer and refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable. You will be able to log into your Project Admission account (our ticketing partner for this event) and transfer your ticket to another email address prior to PDF tickets being emailed out. Tickets are PDF print-at-home and will be delivered to the purchaser's email closer to the day of the event. To transfer a ticket once PDFs have been delivered, simply send the PDF file to the new recipient. The PDF ticket you receive is all that is required for entry, so please store it in a safe place. If you have any questions about your tickets or issues with your order, please contact Project Admission
here. If you have any questions about the Avett Guild or your membership, contact us at [email protected]

When will I receive my ticket?
You will receive your ticket via your Project Admission account and email by October 22 at 10am ET. 


What kind of vehicle should I bring?
Vehicles are limited to standard specifications. No oversized vehicles or vehicles that obstruct views will be allowed into the venue (i.e. campers, busses, lifted trucks, sprinter vans, etc).

Will I be able to sit outside of my car?
Social distancing practices are expected to be observed. You will be allowed to sit IN your vehicle or ON your vehicle but you will not be allowed to sit around your vehicle. If you choose to sit ON your vehicle, you will be asked to wear a mask. This is in compliance with the North Carolina governor’s current order for outside mass gatherings. No yard/tailgate games such as, but not limited to corn hole, ladder ball, frisbee, football, baseball, etc. will be allowed.

Can I leave my engine on during the concert? How about my headlights?
No, you will be asked to turn off your headlights once parked and required to turn off your engine just before show time.

How will I hear the concert?
The concert will be broadcast through a low-frequency FM radio transmitter. The FM station will be posted on the venue's big screen prior to the show. Note that mobile apps that stream FM radio will not work because there will be a delay through the app.

Is the concert all ages?

Are pets allowed?
Service animals only, please.

How early can I arrive? What time does the show start?
Gates officially open at 6pm ET. Please do not arrive before 5pm ET, when the queues for the general admission lots will open. There will be no early entry for Avett Guild members. Tailgating is not permitted on Speedway property per the current state mandate. Show starts at 8pm ET. Please plan to be parked in your space by 7:30pm ET.

What health precautions will the venue staff be taking? Will I be required to wear a mask?
Venue staff will wear masks and all attendees are required to wear masks when outside of their vehicles. Please reference the venue's
Notice of Risk and Policies for the most up-to-date health and safety information and recommendations.

Will there be restrooms and concessions available?
Concession stands will be closed. Venue restrooms, as well as portable units, will be available. Masks are required upon leaving your vehicle to use the restroom.

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes, all food and drink will be allowed into the venue via coolers. No grills will be allowed.

How do I get to the venue?
Parking and driving directions are listed below.

Can I leave early?
You will be permitted to leave early but please be respectful and cognizant of other fans and their concert experience.

Is this a rain or shine event?
Yes, however, severe weather could impact the event start time and/or potentially cancel the event altogether.

I am unable to attend. Will the concert be livestreamed?
Pre-order in HD or 4K on nugs.net or nugs.tv and watch LIVE on Friday, October 23 at 8pm ET or on-demand within 48 hours after the event. Avett Guild members get $5 off.

Please note: no filming or recording of the show will be allowed, including by drone. Drones are not allowed in the venue and will be confiscated.


Parking and Driving Directions

Directions to Lot 1:
*From Charlotte/Highway 29
- Physical address: 5040 Morehead Road, Concord, NC 28027
- Enter at Entrance O off Morehead Road
- Follow signs from Entrance O to Gate 25
- Parking on the racing surface in front of the stage/Speedway TV

*From Harrisburg/Highway 49
- Physical address: 4973 Morehead Road, Concord, NC 28027
- Enter at Entrance N off Morehead Road
- Follow signs from Entrance N to Gate 25
- Parking on the racing surface in front of the stage/Speedway TV

Directions to Lot 2 and Lot 5:
- Physical address: 5197 Morehead Road, Concord, NC 28027
- Enter at Entrance P off Morehead Road
- Follow signs from Entrance P to Gate 26 infield tunnel
- Enter through Gate 26 infield tunnel and follow signs and staff directions to your parking lot

Directions to Lot 3 and Lot 4:
- Physical address: 5555 Concord Parkway S., Concord, NC 28027
- Enter at CMS main entrance and turn right
- Follow staff and signs to Gate 8
- Enter through Gate 8 and follow signs and staff directions to your parking lot

Exit Disclaimer:
Event officials will utilize the same inbound traffic routes to expedite outbound traffic after the concert is over. Please follow directions from staff to expeditiously exit following the concert.

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