A Message From Seth Avett

Feb 21, 2020
Dear friends,
In late 2015, I decided that a decade-plus was enough of a breather from making Darling records and I resolved to work on a new one. The songs I had in mind for it were of an independent narrative, relatively unchanged from seed to fruit, and near painfully personal - all imperative components for what I think of as appropriate for a solo effort. Of course, even a solo effort is rarely true to its title. For the fourth Darling record, I was honored by the contributions of engineer Danny Kadar (the same gentleman behind the console for the Avett record ‘Emotionalism’) and an inimitable rhythm section comprised of Paul Defiglia and Malachi DeLorenzo (bass and drums respectively) - a pair of musicians whose talent and soulful feel is matched only by their ability to bring an abundance of joyful camaraderie into every room. The album was recorded in about a week in the mountains of North Carolina. It was divided into two sessions of three or four days - one in a room with Paul and Mal and the other, alone in a big room with a few guitars. ‘IV’ was released on March 31, 2017 and since then, has only been available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, etc. Starting February 21, 2020, the record will also be on all streaming platforms. The vinyl will continue to be available through the links here.
As always, thank you kindly...
Seth Avett